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by | 11th, June 2003

‘HEARING Prince Eddie call out from the deepest recesses of a Welsh cave that he won’t move until the tourists come back is one sign of our changing times.

Open-plan living area, with bedroom on mezzanine floor…

(It is also something of a deathknell to our benighted tourist industry.)

Another is that villages and towns are no longer older versions of Poundbury in Dorset, the site of Prince Charles’ vision of the ideal rural community.

They are thrusting, new-builds, with galley kitchens built on a mezzanine level.

It’s the style of housing that the Times says if set to replace the old Victorian back-to-back housing in Langworthy, Salford.

This means little to most readers until the paper reveals that the homes scheduled for development are seen four times a week in the opening credits to Coronation Street, TV’s longest-running soap opera.

While we can only thrill to a new-look Corrie, we wonder what such a redevelopment means for TV in general.

Is Terry Wogan to get a facelift? And who wants to underpin Vanessa Feltz? The diggers are looking nervous…

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