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Kylie Minogues Suds’ Law

by | 11th, June 2003

‘KYLIE Minogue has a lot to answer for – and not just because she has turned Britain into a nation of arse obsessives.

J-El prepares some material for her second album

When she shrugged off her oily overalls and said goodbye to Ramsay Street in 1988, she opened the door for countless other soap stars who had once been told they could sing to embark on a pop career.

Most, thankfully, hit the rocks almost as soon as they launched – but not before we had spent a fortune on ear-plugs.

Neighbours alone gave us Jason Donovan, Stefan Dennis, Craig McLaughlan, the Blakeney sisters, Holly Valance and, most recently, Delta Goodrem.

EastEnders has given us Nick Berry and Michelle Gayle; Tracy Shaw released a record at the height of her Coronation Street fame; and Emmerdale’s Malandra Burrows once reached No.11 in the charts before sinking back to well-deserved obscurity.

In fact, in a decade and a half of trying, Kylie is still the only soap star successfully to make the transition to pop princess – but still they keep coming.

And the latest in a long and undistinguished line is Brookside’s Jennifer Ellison, who is hoping to storm to the top of the charts by way of a sexy video and an anodyne cover of Transvision Vamp’s 1989 hit, Baby I Don’t Care.

The problem is that Jen does care – she cares so much that she has given up her job on Brookside and signed a five-album deal with Warner EastWest Records.

Given the track record of her predecessors, at least four of the five albums are likely to be photo-albums, filled with shots like the ones in this week’s Hello!

But Jen is nothing if not positive, again quoting Kylie as an example that it can be done.

”I must admit the track record of people going from soap to pop and making a success of it isn’t very good,” she says. ”Even so, it was something I just had to try.”

And she’s not going to stop there in her quest to become the most famous woman on the planet.

”I can’t wait to do a Hollywood movie,” she tells Hello! ”I’ve been asked by 20th Century Fox to take the leading role in an action film as a feisty young blonde.

”Anna Friel started in Brookside and ended up in the United States, so who knows?”

A lot of people have started off in Liverpool, Jen, and ended up in the United States. Most of them happened to be slaves…

But for the moment, Jen is just counting her blessings.

”Sometimes I lie awake at night and think, ‘My God, I’ve got a marvellous house, a lovely car, a great boyfriend and a happy family. Why am I so lucky?”’

Lucky, lucky, lucky…

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