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US And Them

by | 11th, June 2003

‘WHILE Jennifer Ellison just dreams of taking the United States by storm, David and Victoria Beckham were doing just that.

Demi worried that the plastic surgeon hadn’t reassembled her correctly

At least, that’s what Hello! would have us believe – despite the fact that couple’s appearance on stage at the MTV Movie Awards was cut from the version shown to American TV audiences.

The magazine is certainly impressed, however, as the couple ”glided onto the stage hand-in-hand, in gleaming white Dolce & Gabbana outfits and dripping with silver and diamonds”.

But before the assembled guests have time to mutter to each other ”Who are they?”, our attention turns to another celebrity couple – the much-loved Hilton sisters.

Much-loved that is in a Biblical sense.

And, talking of much-loved, isn’t it nice also to see the re-emergence of Demi ”Gimme” Moore, complete with her new £400,000 body and 25-year-old boyfriend Ashton Kutcher?

”There were a lot of famous faces there,” said one guest, ”but everyone kept staring at Demi and Ashton.”

In the brief periods when they weren’t staring at David and Victoria, you mean…

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