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Dog Gone Shame

by | 12th, June 2003

‘LOSING a sister and a mother is careless, some would say, but losing a dog is refreshingly of the people.

Time for a Swift exit

The sad news is that the Queen has lost another member of her family – RIP Swift, you were a happy little chap, who knew only love.

That Swift has made an expedient exit to wherever corgis go when they die (the Clarence House organic vegetable patch is our bet) is our one hope.

But this dead dog story is made harder by the Telegraph’s news that wee Swift had been given to her Majesty by the dear old Queen Mum.

Death’s swinging scythe is mowing the halls of Buckingham Palace, as the paper heaps on more misery by reminding us that Swift’s departure comes just two years after Kelpie, leader of the Queen’s pack, passed on.

The Telegraph then shares the interesting fact that Kelpie was of a breed known as a dorgi – a type invented by the Queen when she crossed her corgi with Princess Margaret’s dachshund.

A part British, part German creature sounds not a little like Prince William.

Not that the lad is a dog, just a rare breed of gent.

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