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For Whom The Bell Tolls

by | 12th, June 2003

‘FAILURES. All of them. Every man and woman of them is a failure. Failures. For the third time of asking, the housemates have failed to pass their weekly task.

”Pull down your pants and fertilise the ants…”

The intention was to play an English Country Garden on hand bells. The first effort was rubbish. The second try was even worse. As we say, failures each and every one of them.

The latest failure means they are left with the sad sum of £32.55 to spend on shopping next week.

Starved of talent. Starved of charisma. Starved of decent conversation. The housemates are now starved of food.

But this is good news – at least for those who want something to happen.

The betting is that they will soon turn on each other, and then turn their slavering jaws on Gos. Being the fattest, he’ll be the first to go.

When he’s done – well done – the team can pick their teeth with Fed…

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