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by | 13th, June 2003

‘ACCORDING to a source that has spoken with the National Enquirer, Princess Margaret and actor Richard Harris’ similarities stretched further than their both being recently pronounced dead.

”And she’d have had that Harry Potter if she’d been around today”

Harris is seen smoking, a passion the couple shared. But it seems that they also shared a bed.

The story says that the pair enjoyed an ”on-again, off-again” relationship. They first dated in the 1960s and then after a break of some years rekindled the dying embers of their love, and their ciggies, in 1983.

”Richard was quite the ladies’ man and he was known to pals as ‘bonker’,” says an unspecified ”London society source”. Harris, we learn, was a man blessed with a ”voracious sexual appetite”.

He was, though, as with all these things ”discreet” about his relationships.

And since he’s still keeping mum about things, taking secrets to his grave and all that, we’re asked to take his biographer Noel Botham’s word for how his life really was.

According to Botham, ”everyone in London society” knew of the affair. ”It was one of the worst-kept secrets of the ’60s and ’80s.”

To give you the best bits of the gossip that ”everyone” already knows, Harris is also supposed to have bedded, Sophia Lauren, Merle Oberon, Ava Gardner and Vanessa Redgrave.

Notches on Margaret’s bedposts correspond to dates with a ”vindictive small-time actor”, Group Captain Peter Townsend, Antony Armstrong-Jones (the man she was to marry), Robin Douglas-Home, a lesbian love affair with the daughter of a US diplomat, Peter Sellers, Roddy Llewellyn and Mick Jagger.

Other liaisons are available on demand, and besides sleeping with the now deceased Harris, Margaret might also have scored Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Muhammad Ali and the entire 1966 English World Cup winning team.

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