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Car Trouble

by | 13th, June 2003

‘A CAR thief in Norway has been doing a roaring trade since January – taking the cars he has stolen to junkyards to collect a deposit of 1,000 kroner (£90), paid by the government when a worn-out car is consigned to scrap.

Police say the man collected £7,270 after stealing 83 cars and taking them to various authorised junkyards in the south-east of the country before he was caught. ”I have no information about what condition the cars were in when he stole them,” Arne Huuse, head of the national crime police said. ”But they are wrecks now.”

In Norway, car owners pay a deposit when they bring a car into the country, which they get back when they junk the car – but the rules are now likely to be tightened. Police will now start investigating anyone who has junked two or three cars a year to collect the deposit. ‘

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