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by | 13th, June 2003

‘ALAN Milburn wrote himself a prescription yesterday, which ordered time off away from front-line politics and plenty of fun and games at home with his young family.

”I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!”

The now former Heath Secretary, a man the Guardian calls ”an outrider for Blairism”, put family before ”the vanity of office” (Times) and jumped ship.

But if Milburn is such a champion of the Blair political style, there exists the possibility that his decision to go is a nice spin on more politically motivated reasons.

Tony Blair is always keen for us to make our minds up on things, telling us how bright we all are – so, in the spirit of his cause, here’s some juicy bits from Milburn’s letter of resignation, as produced in the Telegraph.

Milburn talks about his desire to ”balance having a young family in the North East with the demands of being a Cabinet Minister”, something ”I know…you [Tony] understand”.

How Tony would indeed like to take Euan, Nicky and Leo to sit behind the goal at Newcastle United’s St James’s Park and cheer on the red and greens’ young Jackie Milburn (any relation?).

Milburn then talks about the ”enormous privilege” of working with Tony, ”a real honour to have served you as Prime Minister”, with ”your ”strength of leadership and sense of purpose”.

Like a true medical man, Milburn is sugaring the pill with an enormous dollop of syrup.

But we should look to the departure of Phil Williams, a man the Times call as leading member of the Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru.

Having told his wife he was off to an academic meeting in Cardiff, the poor man was sidetracked and ended up dying on the couch at the Touch of Class massage parlour.

Williams’ passing is a damning indictment on the NHS, which failed to save him or provide adequate complimentary therapies, and a comment on how prone to falsehood politicians can be.

But we can believe Mr Milburn. Can’t we..?

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