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by | 13th, June 2003

‘AS Alan Milburn shows us, it’s time to tune in and drop out. And with no second invitation needed, that’s what Prince Harry is doing.

How many A-levels do you think you passed, Harry?

With a loud and joyous ”Yessssss!”, the Telegraph hears and watches Prince Harry finish his A-level exams and head off for a career in the Army.

A-levels in Geography and Art will make Harry a good solider, enabling him to keep a firm grip on his location and make him a dab hand at daubing mud and grass on his face.

But which regiment to choose? It’s not a choice he has to make yet, as the paper explains that before active service he’s off to the ”finishing school for kings” at Sandhurst.

And then there is the option of his taking a gap year. Rumours are that he’s off to Australia for some charity work – living with the colonials and helping them drain marshes, dig up weeds and generally make the place habitable.

What a guy!

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