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by | 16th, June 2003

”’FOR this week’s task you must all create superhero alter egos for yourself,” said Cameron as he read aloud the week’s task. ”With a name, a costume, an arch-enemy, a motto, a special power, a superhero pose and a theme tune.”

By day, the housemates were as dull as dishwater. By night, they were just the same – only in spandex

Easy for Cameron, then – a nice pair of slacks, a few words about Mrs Slocombe’s pussy and a hands-on-hip stance will finally complete his transformation into John Inman.

Such imagination was sadly lacking from the rest: Ray pulled on a Batman-type costume; Federico dressed up as Toothpick Man, in a crimson all-in-one; Tania became Wonder Girl; Nush turned into Wet Weekend Woman; Gos became Oven Cleaner Man; Jon mutated into a Human; Steph took on the guise of Non-Entity Girl and Scott was – and is – Damon Grant.

Of course, only some of those alter egos are true, and in actual fact Nush had designs on a leopard-print costume and a role as a champion pooper scooper.

”If your dogs poop, I will scoop!” she cried. And with amount of crap on show, she’ll need to be super fit to keep up with things…

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