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One Is A Yob

by | 16th, June 2003

‘WE search but we cannot find any psychologist wishing to offer up an explanation as to why Prince William has been involved in a high-speed car chase.

”I say, running over peasants is nearly as much fun as shooting them” ”I think you mean pheasants, sir.” ”Ooer!”

We can only take the Mail’s version of events and let you make up your own minds.

In ”William ‘The Young Yob”’, the Mail hears about the Prince’s run-in with the Earl Bathurst, a man described as 76 years old and a friend of Prince Charles.

Driving in the grounds of his Cirencester Park Estate, the earl was flabbergasted to be overtaken by a car going at 50mph – more than double the estate’s 20mph limit.

The earl duly gave chase, hading off the culprit further down the track.

”I didn’t know who the hell it was,” says the earl, ”I thought he was just a yob driving a rather crummy VW Golf which anybody might have.”

Perhaps so, but not everyone has a bodyguard following up in an Orange Omega, who soon arrived on the scene.

The royal protection officer stepped from his garish vehicle and exchanged words with the earl, allowing the yobbish one to make good his escape.

In the Sun, the earl says he suspects the prince ”has got too big for his boots”.

”He looked like a ginger-haired youth,” he said. ”I didn’t know who the hell he was.”

And that’s a pretty amazing claim since we all know from countless profiles that the prince has strawberry blond locks, which are to-die-for. In no way is he ginger.

Wills is also, thanks to the sterling work of the Express, as recognisable as a battered white Fiat Uno.

And today that paper pours syrup on the flames with a story entitled ”The Boy Who Would Be King of Hearts”.

The title alone should be enough to reveal the contents of the piece, but know that he has shot up ”like a slender but sturdy stalk” and how ”the caring side of his mother is evident” in him.

And given today’s driving news, the similarities do not end there…

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