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Brand New Labour

by | 17th, June 2003

‘IT says a lot for the Tory party that among Labour’s failures of the past few years, it remains a more unpopular alternative government.

”It appears the Government has got no spine!”

If Iain Duncan Smith stood against Paul Bremer in Iraq, you suspect he could still contrive to lose.

But the Times has at last spotted some green shoots of recovery for the beleaguered party, with Labour’s lead in the opinion polls cut to just 4%.

Most of the Tories’ gains are apparently among women and middle-class professionals and managers.

This has prompted the Prime Minister to attempt a re-launch of his second-term agenda, warning his party and union critics that a failure to reform could let in the Tories.

”Our task is to prepare Britain for the future,” he will say. ”In the public services, that means combining equity with choice.”

For example, you will soon be able to choose to travel by train or by car in the knowledge that both will be equally slow and equally expensive.

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