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Parking Problems

by | 17th, June 2003

‘AN amnesiac motorist has racked up £1,800 in parking fines over the past couple of years because he keeps on forgetting where he’s parked his car.

”Damn. Now I’ve forgotten what colour it is”

Or so claims 56-year-old Robert Mottram, who has suffered from chronic memory loss since a brain haemorrhage in 1987.

And he is asking Sefton council to grant him immunity from further fines because of his condition.

”I get very annoyed with myself when I can’t find the car,” he tells the Telegraph.

”Sometimes it will take me hours wandering around before I manage to spot it. It’s very frustrating.”

Mr Mottram, from Southport, says he has tried making a note of where he parked the car, but then forgets that he has written the note.

We would suggest that he watches the film Memento to see how it’s done, but he would of course forget Guy Pearce’s solution as soon as he had seen it.

Sefton council have so far rejected Mr Mottram’s request – and with good reason. If Mr Mottram’s memory is so bad, how does he remember getting all these parking tickets in the first place?

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