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by | 17th, June 2003

‘DOES Prince Harry suffer from hayfever? It’s the kind of fact that the papers have unforgivably overlooked. Heads will surely roll.

”At least, one’s hayfever has cleared up”

We do, however, know that Harry is partial to a crafty smoke. The Sun has spotted him at it again, and asks the Prince: ”Superkings or Regals, Harry?”

In case his dad – whom the paper says has asked him to quit the evil weed – has not seen that shot, the Mail reproduces the still of Harry having a smoke over an entire page.

Such is the furore over the smoking story that the Mail foolishly overlooks the main news: who is the girl standing besides the Prince, and why is she not smoking?

Can it be that she’s waiting until her ginger beau passes the burning stick her way, allowing her to take a puff?

And while we are asking the questions, let’s have an answer to this one: has she even been a hayfever sufferer?

And if she has been, has she, like Danniella Westbrook, recently developed an immunity to it?

This is a story that, like the noses of our nation’s youth, will run and run…

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