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Pissed Pete

by | 17th, June 2003

‘ONE possible reason as to why John Thomson seeks solace in drink is that he’s still known as ”Cold Feet’s Pete”.

The new Bernard Manning

That’s what the Mail calls him, choosing to tell a story about the actor’s behaviour in a recent stage performance by leading with the name of a character he once played on TV.

Thomson, though, is keen to change his billing, and will now be known to all and sundry as ”Pissed Pete”.

The Express takes up the story, telling readers that in last Friday’s stand-up show on stage in Manchester ”Pissed Pete” was seen ”mumbling incomprehensibly”.

”It was woeful,” says one audience member. ”He was only on the stage for 20 minutes. He was mumbling and told the same jokes a couple of times.”

Those of you who have seen some of the greats perform – like Ken Dodd, Bernard Manning and Frank Carson – will say ”so what?”

Speaking incoherently and repeating old gags are the stock-in-trade for comedians.

Mindful of that, John will now surely go from strength to strength and, as soon as he perfects the art of falling over, he will achieve the goal of being ”Britain’s Favourite Funny Man”.

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