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One Plus One

by | 17th, June 2003

‘EVEN Big Brother, it seems, is getting tired of the dismal housemates in this year’s show, deciding that this week not one, but two, of them will be thrown out.

”So you’re saying one plus one is what exactly?”

The inmates reacted to the news in typical fashion, with Tania quick to complain that it wasn’t fair – and then having to admit that she didn’t even understand what it meant.

The boys explained it to her in words of one syllable, before the penny finally dropped for the horse-faced shop assistant. ”Two housemates,” she exclaimed, having just performed a taxing piece of mental arithmetic.

It’s just as well that the dreadful Sissy is no longer in the house – she could burst into tears at the mere mention of the n-word; imagine how she’d have bawled to learn this news.

Meanwhile, the bunch of losers look set to fail another weekly task after Gos managed to misunderstand the instructions for the ‘superhero’ task.

Big Brother is trying to come up with easier tasks every week to prevent total starvation in the house, but the housemates’ incompetence is up to everything that has been thrown at them.

Watch them screw up the ‘tying your own shoelace’ task in Week 9 or the ‘reciting your own name’ in Week 10…

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