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Marriage Costs

by | 18th, June 2003

‘THEY say marriage is the triumph of hope over expectation – but sometimes you think the hope borders on the irrational.

”Until Camilla us do part…”

The cost of the average wedding in the UK now runs at something like £12,000.

And this morning we learn that the resultant divorce is even more expensive – at about £13,000.

The Guardian says more than a third of couples have to sell their homes to finance the process, with 41% of couples withdrawing about £6,250 each from their bank accounts.

And it doesn’t even matter if the split was amicable, according to the research by Norwich Union, with almost all saying it made no difference to the final bill.

And don’t think that once you’re past the seven-year itch, things are all plain sailing as the Times reports on how pensioners are now getting the 40-year itch.

”Bored with their marriages, but still in reasonable health, the over-60s are dumping their partners and stepping back on the dating circuit,” it says.

Something that really doesn’t bear thinking about… ‘

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