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Court Out

by | 18th, June 2003

‘WHILE mum gave a decent showing in the 2:30 Royal Nosebag Stakes, Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips was wowing the papers with her dress.

Zara shows off mouth – with lips and tongue

The dress, which also holds a deep fascination to the Mirror, has two arms, a head-sized hole at the top and a large space at the bottom though which legs (two or four) can be placed.

But before we get to the shoes (matching; one on each of her two feet) and the hat (on her head), the Mail is distracted by the arrival of His Honour Judge Jeremy Roberts QC.

Like us, the Mail thinks it odd that the Judge was out watching his horse Counsel’s Opinion run in the 4:45 Duke of Edinburgh (Handicap) Stakes when he was scheduled to be running his gimlet eye over the second day of a six-week kidnap case.

Back at the Old Bailey, the seven defendants were wallowing in uncertainty and 14 barristers and the jury were taking in the sun after the Judge had adjoined proceedings to watch his nag.

The Mail spares no blushes in getting to the nitty-gritty of the matter, casting an eye over the Judge’s top hat and tails with yellow waistcoat.

As for Mrs Roberts, she was ”dressed in a navy blue skirt and jacket and wearing a broad-brimmed navy blue hat with a white band”.

To complete the scene, the grass was a vivid green, the sky was blue, the fence around the track was blinding white, the horse was chestnut brown, the judge’s thong was pink and crotchless, his wife’s bra was a lustrous shade of…

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