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Tit For Tit

by | 18th, June 2003

‘IF mere breast size were the only barometer of success, a pre-op Posh Spice would be as talented as a walnut.

”So, Jodie, can you do THIS?”

There is clearly more, so much more to being a top babe. Just listen to what Jordan has to say on the matter.

”It takes a lot more than walking out of a nightclub with your tits hanging out to be me,” says Jordan in the Star.

What more it takes Jordan wisely does not specify, keen to keep the secrets of her success locked in her heart beneath layer upon layer of near impregnable silicon.

But Jodie Marsh, the new breast on the block and the girl to whom Jordan aims her remark, is unfazed.

She has ambition and, in today’s celebrity stakes, that is pretty much all you need to get on.

”I’ve always said I want to be bigger than Jordan – fame-wise that is,” says Jodie. ”I always wanted to be someone major like Jordan, so all this happening to me is fantastic.”

But look out, Jodie – in fact, look out, everyone who values their eyesight – because Jordan is planning a fourth breast-enlargement operation.

Which proves that there really is more to being a glamour mo-del that just hanging your tits out – you’ve got to go and buy them first.

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