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A Time For Heroes

by | 18th, June 2003

‘LIKE Bonnie Tyler, we are all holding out for a hero. ”Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the Gods?” was Bonnie’s burning question.

”Justice to the world, music to the world”

But we now know that she was mistaken, and she was really asking where the Gos was, the brave man who laughs in the face of chef’s arse and spits back at the deep-fat fryer.

And who thinks nothing of looking a total berk as he poses and struts as Hip Hop Man.

That this street stuff is not Gos’s natural habitat is patently clear. At the first time of asking he failed the Super Hero task miserably. So it was time for take two.

”Justice to the world, music to the world!” screamed Gos, his marigolds glinting in the light bouncing off his glasses.

But this week there will be two good men going – or, at least, two out of Jon, Cameron and Federico, all of whom have been nominated for eviction.

Given Jon’s mysterious popularity with the British public, it looks like it bye-bye to the Jocks.

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