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Big John, Little John

by | 19th, June 2003

‘THE little box loves little people, so it was always a surprise that lofty John Leslie made it on TV.

John Leslie – at the height of his fame

But today tall John waves goodbye to a TV career following his arrest on a charge of twice indecently assaulting a 23-year-old actress.

Guilty or otherwise, the Mirror puts the case that not all publicity is good publicity, telling the world that not only has Leslie lost his job as a presenter on ITV’s This Morning but his looks as well.

To the untrained eye he still appears the same as before: tall. But when the thin veneer of showbiz sheen is sullied, the star-struck get to see the true person beneath.

It’s not unlike falling out of love. Which, funnily enough, is what happened to Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter.

The Star says that the New Zealand model (that’s Rachel) has filed for divorce a mere four years after the couple split.

The paper says that a ”legal showdown” is on the cards over how much of Rod’s fortune – said to be in the region of £100m – Rachel will get.

Readers then see a list some of Rod’s assets – Palm Beach home; Berkshire mansion; Beverly Hills mansion; leopard skin pants – while new girlfriend Penny Lancaster is seen thrusting her assets at Rod.

But Rod and Rachel are soon trumped by a story in the Mirror that says Jude Law and Sadie Frost are set to have the ”ugliest” divorce in history.

We recoil in horror on hearing about Jude’s fury over the ecstasy pill his child Iris accidentally popped at a party attended by Sadie; the reports of marital violence; and the mysterious scratches on her wrists.

It’s the kind of story that could yet save Leslie. After all, the uglier things get, the more fascination they hold.

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