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by | 19th, June 2003

‘TAKING it as read that the back pages will be about you know who (and if you don’t, how we envy you), we turn to the story that immediately follows.

Another thin excuse for a shot of Daniela Hantuchova

The Sun hears news that Spurs are still in business and that Glenn Hoddle is every bit as popular as he was when in charge of the England team.

Stefan Freund has accused the Spurs manager of lying to him when he said he was part of the team’s plans for next season. And it is an accusation that seems based on some fact, as we read that Freund has been released by Spurs and is now looking for a club.

”It’s clear Hoddle has a problem with man management,” says Freund. ”The players who have gone…are players who say something in the dressing room and he can’t handle that.”

The German does, though, reveal that he shares a common goal with Hoddle’s Spurs, saying, ”My target now is to stay in the Premiership”.

But the main news of the day is that the Mirror has joined the Mail’s campaign to tell the world how thin ”tennis babe” Daniela Hantuchova is.

”It’s a thin line between being fit..and being anorexic,” says the headline, the words attributed to Virginia Wade.

And with no Anna Kournikova to ”Phwoarr!” at, it’s time for another shot of the Slovakian player’s crotch.

It’s a nice touch and shows that, even without Anna around, the sports pages know how to cover woman’s tennis.

Of course, men’s tennis is as strong as a Tim Henman backhand. But it could be stronger, especially if Tiger Tim listens to the words of ”former Wimbledon bad boy” Ilie Nastase.

Speaking to the Express, the Romanian says that if Henman wants to win Wimbledon, he needs to toughen up.

He will need to run around the house naked three times before going to bed, chanting ”I am the Tiger” as he goes.

And he will also need to convince the rest of that he can do it. And that is some job. Come on, Timmy. Grrr!!!!

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