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by | 19th, June 2003

‘THE three remaining girls seem to have decided that Mr Tickle, aka Jon The Physics Geek, is not so bad.

Mr Tickle

”I’ve warmed a lot to Jon, more so than I ever thought I would,” Steph said. ”And me,” agreed Tania. ”I think when he doesn’t get irate he’s lovely which is about 98% of the time,” said Nush.

Which would explain why Tania and Nush both nominated him for eviction – for the third time in four weeks. You’d hate to see what these girls are like if they really started to go off someone.

In fact, of the six housemates who nominated Science Boy for eviction last week, Steph is the only one who seems genuinely to have warmed to him and not put his name down again this week.

In fact, most of the housemates seem to be coming up with the same names over and over again – except Jon. His calculations have led him to pick six different names in seven goes (with Federico the only one to recur).

After all, he is, as he explained, ”a physicist and of no small intellect”.

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