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Hogwarts And All

by | 20th, June 2003

‘MILLIONS of kids and adults who should know better will start queuing up tonight to get their hands on a copy of the latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.

”Bend over, Potter…”

And, according to the woman who wrote it, the Harry they will encounter will not be the nerd of the first four books but a very angry teenager going through puberty.

”I just think it is a very confusing time,” JK Rowling says in an interview with the Times.

”Yes, he’s very confused in a boy way. He doesn’t understand how girls’ minds work.”

In a BBC interview with Jeremy Paxman last night, Rowling also revealed that the boy wizard has his first snog in the book.

”Harry goes through absolute hell every time he returns to school,” the Telegraph hears her say. ”So I thought that a bit of snogging would alleviate matters.”

The identity of the person with whom Harry has a relationship is a closely guarded secret but, this being an English boarding school, we can only assume that it is some spotty Hogwarts prefect.

However, readers might have to wait until the sixth book before we see Harry develop his heroin habit and the seventh book before he is seen working as a rent boy on the streets of Glasgow.

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