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Eviction Immunity

by | 20th, June 2003

‘TENSE, isn’t it? Who will go? Who will stay? And that’s just the audience. What of the contestants, the three who are up for eviction?

”Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

The money must be on Fed and Cameron heading out of the Big Brother doors and into the flashlight.

Jon is immune from eviction. Like the relative who doesn’t ever leave but grows old and withered until nobody notices he’s there, Jon remains in situ.

He’s even managed to go into the Diary Room and moan about the furnishings. How about that ”ridiculously fluffy” carpet, eh?

”The positioning of some of the plants in the garden is awful,” says Jon. ”Quite why you planted in pots rather than just provide five tons of decent soil we’ll never know.”

But he’s only joking. Ha! Ha! Hale and Pace eat your hearts out. ”I am of course teasing you. I hope you realise that, because this is a wonderful place to live.”

And it will get even better as soon as Fed leaves…

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