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A Dead Heat

by | 23rd, June 2003

‘AFTER years of bra-burning and running out in front of speeding racehorses in the pursuit of sexual equality, women are set to surpass men in the last great bastion of chauvinistic disparity: women are all set to die younger than their spouses.

Germaine was looking forward to a stress-induced heart-attack as much as the next man

The Times say that by the end of this century men are likely to be outliving women.

Thanks to a more stressful lifestyle, women will able to offer up the phrase ”Oh, me heart…it’s…gone” as they collapse to the office floor.

Women’s libbers should celebrate as the facts are reeled off.

Step One To Equality: The Times says that, whereas in 1940 twice as many men smoked as women, there are now as many female smokers as their are male.

Step Two: Martin Baker, editor of The Journal, a leading insurance publication, says: ”Women at work are women at risk: equality in the job market is a killer.”

Step Three: The uptake of the ladette culture, with the associated drinking and carousing, is cutting short a woman’s lifespan.

According to studies made by Action On Addiction, females’ alcohol intake has doubled in the past 20 years.

These are great days for women’s lib. And as soon as they can go into full front-line battle and get prostrate cancer like those piggish men, the sooner we can all have the same miserable end to miserable lives.

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