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The Gatecrasher Ball

by | 23rd, June 2003

‘NO wonder Prince William is said to be furious that comic terrorist Aaron Barschak managed to gatecrash his 21st birthday party dressed as Osama Bin Laden in drag.

Despite missing her facial, Tara was determined to enjoy the party

The theme for the night was Out Of Africa and the joker, who managed to evade 50 police officers to hijack the event, had made little effort to fit in with it.

He did, however, do a pretty good job of blagging his way through a £2m security system to get on stage and grab the mike from the guest of honour.

The Sun says that not only did he get past 50 cops, many of them armed, but he managed to evade dozens of CCTV cameras, night-vision surveillance equipment and hidden pressure pads.

And he did it by the old trick of convincing Royalty protection officers that he was part of the entertainment.

”The Queen and Prince Philip laughed, thinking it was part of the fun,” says the Sun.

”Minders only realised something was wrong as Wills, dressed as Tarzan in a loincloth, began signalling.”

Creatures from all over Windsor Safari Park responded to Wills’ call and Barshak was eventually arrested.

But the Mail says the Queen is ”livid” at this glaring breach in security.

”Among the Royal Family, there was a sense of shock that the intruder could have been a terrorist rather than a harmless publicity seeker,” it says.

A Royal aide warns: ”If he had been a suicide bomber, he could have killed three generations of the Royal Family. The monarchy would have been wiped out.”

Not quite – a glance in the Mirror reassures us that, had Barshak been a suicide bomber, we would still have a monarchy this morning.

And we would now all be singing God Save The King to King Edward IX and Queen Sophie.

It really doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

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