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The Burghers Of Tokyo

by | 23rd, June 2003

‘DAVID Beckham told his fans in Japan that he loves their national dish, sushi – and he has demonstrated this love by ordering burger and chips three times in his four-day stay.

”Does it come with an apple pie?”

The England skipper even said that California rolls were his favourite, according to the Mirror.

But on his first day in the country, he claimed he couldn’t get sushi in his hotel and had to order a cheeseburger and chips instead.

The next day, having again declared his love for rice and raw fish, he claimed to be too busy to get any sushi and ordered a cheeseburger and chips again from the hotel kitchen.

By this stage, even his adoring Japanese fans were beginning to smell a rat – and not just because they had all rushed to McDonald’s to emulate their hero.

So, they surprised Becks on live TV with a selection of sushi, which he had to eat in front of the audience.

But 24 hours later his limo was seen pulling up in front of McDonalds and an aide jumped out and returned ”with several bags of the fast food”.

Beckham will be pleased to know that there are several McDonalds outlets in Madrid for those rare occasions when he’s had enough of his new favourite dish, paella.

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