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Future Perfect

by | 23rd, June 2003

‘FORGET MI5, the lone Duke with the pistol on the grassy footbridge, and cast a glance at Rita Rogers.

”I see James Hewitt and Prince Harry talking…

For those not in the know, Rita was a close pal of the late Princess Diana.

Rita is a great clairvoyant, the woman with the medium touch who foresaw that Diana would NOT be in the car when it crashed on that fateful day in Paris.

That’s right, she claims to have known nothing.

But how can we believe her when her soothsaying credentials are so impeccable? It was a mutual connection between her and Di.

When they met, Diana is reported by Rita to have said: ”I’ve got a feeling we’re going to become very good friends.” And so it was.

”She would call me and I’d say: ‘You’re going to the theatre tonight, aren’t you?’ She would reply: ‘Oh you’re so clever, Rita. How do you know that?’ And I’d tell her exactly what she was going to wear and what colour.”

As a stylist, Rita, who sadly fails to practise what she preaches, is a legend.

But how can someone so gifted have failed to spot that Di would perish as he did?

”On my children’s lives,” says Rita, ”this is true. I predicted every single bit of that crash, every bit, apart from that.”

And it gets us thinking. Looking into the ball, we see that Rita will dine out on such tales for years to come, regaling all and sundry with stories of how close she and the Princess were.

Or should that be are?

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