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I Capture The Castle

by | 24th, June 2003

‘BRITNEY Spears never managed it, but the ”comedy terrorist” who gatecrashed Prince William’s 21st birthday party dressed as Osama Bin Laden did.

Wills’ new love?

Aaron Barschak this morning boasts that he gave the future king not one, but two, kisses after grabbing his mike and serenading him.

”I stepped forward, gave him a kiss on both cheeks, shouted ‘We all love you’ and left the stage to rapturous applause,” he tells the Mirror.

Far from being manhandled off stage by police officers, Barschak claims that he walked out of the room to applause and went to the bar to ask for a glass of champagne.

It was only when Prince Charles’s ex-toothpaste squeezer Sir Michael Fawcett came into the bar and didn’t recognise Barschak that security staff were alerted.

The 36-year-old intruder claims it was easy to blag his way past the 50 police officers who were supposed to be providing security for the party.

And it seems it was just as easy to con the newspapers, with both the Mirror and the Mail this morning publishing world exclusive interviews with the hoaxer.

But, while Barschak revels in his new-found celebrity, the policeman who escorted him into the party faces the sack.

A former Royal cop says the copper ”is not fit to direct traffic in Chiswick” – clearly a serious insult among the boys in blue.

”I have seen this fake Bin Laden in the flesh and he looks a complete idiot,” he says. ”I know everyone was in fancy dress, but the officer should have been suspicious.”

However, another ex-Royal cop tells the Sun that this was an accident waiting to happen, claiming that officers assigned to protect the Royals spend most of their time boozing, sleeping and womanising.

At least, they must blend in perfectly with other members of the Royal household.

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