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by | 24th, June 2003

‘BEFORE 31-year-old Gaetano arrived on these sun-drenched shores, few of us could have named a genuine Ugandan.

Gae decides whether to eat Gos or Tania first

Idi Amin was one, perhaps the only one from that troubled African land to have made it big on the international stage – and then it was for keeping his wife’s head in a fridge.

Which could make those of a geopolitical bent, like Scott, wonder what Gae (pronounced Guy) has done with dear old Cameron.

Perhaps it was for this reason what Gos, the quartermaster of the BB house, was first to greet the new arrival.

Of course, not all Ugandans like to keep their wife’s at a steady 5 degrees centigrade, and Gae seems a thoroughly decent sort of chap.

”First question – I need to take me a serious ass dump,” said Gae by way of a witty retort to Gos’s chirpy hello.

With no language barrier to get in the way – they all talk crap – Nush was left to ask Gae about the sexual goings-on is the African house.

”Oh yeah, definitely, sleeping together, everything. Thing is, [the African housemates] are not inhibited,” he replied.

Which explains why Cam was chosen to make the trip south…

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