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Top-Heavy Support

by | 25th, June 2003

‘THERE is nothing pretty, sweet or pinkish about either of the babes involved in the battle to be Britain’s top party girl – Jordan and Jodie Marsh.

”Look – I don’t go out in a bra and knickers”

Having spent the past couple of weeks slagging each other off, they have now dragged others into their spat.

Glamour girl Leilani, for instance, tells this morning’s Star that she is embarrassed being a Page 3 girl when she sees some of the outfits Jodie goes out in.

”It’s just awful that people who work so hard in our profession should have to be linked with a publicity-seeking wannabe whose sole aim is to land a celebrity boyfriend,” she fumes.

”She shouldn’t even really be called a Page 3 girl – people like me and Jordan and the other girls put in a lot. Glamour modelling is our career.”

Jordan also receives the backing of Julie Burchill in the Sun, who claims that ”in the space of five years Jordan has changed from being a thick, dead-eyed sex zombie to a bona fide beauty, a real personality and even a role model of sorts”.

Jodie, on the other hand, ”may not be sad and desperate, but she’s nothing to write home about either”.

”She has a distinct case of split-personality when it comes to Jordan,” says Burchill, ”one minute saying ‘I always wanted to be someone major like Jordan’ and the next ‘I’ve got much more style than Jordan. I don’t got out in a bra and knickers’.”

No, you go out in a belt and knickers…

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