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Wonderbra Burner

by | 25th, June 2003

‘BYE-BYE Boys! Another great British institution is under attack from those pesky Johnny Foreigners in Brussels – sexism.

…except ruin everyone’s fun

That’s right, not only will adverts like the famous Wonderbra adverts soon be a thing of the past, but so will the whole basis of British humour.

And the Mail and the Sun are outraged at the prospect of our being banned from watching Carry On films because the EU Social Affairs Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou doesn’t find them funny.

The Sun warns that programmes such as Footballers’ Wives and Men Behaving Badly could be forced off air if it is decided that they stereotype women or even men.

And the Mail suggests that courts could even intervene to insist that there were more male nurses in Holby City or that there are more women toiling in the fields in The Archers.

Worse could follow – for every picture in the paper of a woman tennis player’s knickers, we will have to see Tim Henman in his Y-fronts.

And it won’t be long before Britain’s top party girl is a bloke.

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