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Cell-Mates & Soul Mates

by | 26th, June 2003

‘WITH this simple sword of truth, I thee wed. Take this trusty shield of British fair play and wear it as a symbol of all we shall share.”

”’Til death or a nasty libel case do us part…”

And so it was that Jonathan Aitken, the ex-lag and former Tory cabinet minister, married for the second time yesterday.

The Guardian was there to take a photo of Aitken stepping from the church with new wife Elizabeth Harris, ”sometime wife” of the late actors Richard Harris and Rex Harrison, and also the ex of Jonathan’s cousin Peter.

Others who were there to see the man who was once sentenced to 18 months for perjury make his vows before God in St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, were Lord Lamont, Lord Weatherill, Lord Pearson of Rannoch and Micky ”Spider” Aguda, a one-time cell-mate of the groom, who entered the church via a half-inch gap in a skylight.

”He is a mate and has found himself a brilliant woman,” says Mr Aguda. ”I looked after him all the time he was away and he never said anything about getting married again.”

But would you or any of us have believed him if he had?

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