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by | 26th, June 2003

‘BRITNEY Spears unzips her catsuit and opens her heart to the world this morning, revealing that she did dabble in drugs but didn’t dabble in lesbianism.

And 100% of 0 is what, Jodie?

She still loves Justin Timberlake, didn’t sleep with Fred Durst, only had a peck with Colin Farrell and wants to marry someone like Tom Hanks.

”He’s so nice, he’s the best father, a lovely, family man,” says Britney (who has clearly watched Sleepless In Seattle a few too many times).

”Someone like him, or Brad Pitt. Brad probably more. Yeah.”

While Britney is metaphorically ”laid bare” in the Sun, another former virgin Jodie Marsh is literally laid bare in the Star.

And the reason is that the 24-year-old Essex Wives sexpot wants to give every Star reader a thank-you smacker after beating rival Jordan in the paper’s popularity poll.

”I’d like to thank all Daily Star readers for having such good taste,” she says. ”They obviously know a winner when they see one.

”If I could, I’d give each and every one of them a kiss.”

Presumably, that includes the 45% who voted for Jordan…

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