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Walking Back To Happiness

by | 27th, June 2003

‘TANIA was out-of-sorts yesterday – she must have broken a fingernail or run out of blusher – and she has decided that she wants to leave the Big Brother house tonight.

With so much heavy make-up, Tania was worried that her head would soon fall off

Her wish is almost certain to come true, with the British public (or, at least, that proportion of the British public who have not fallen into a zombie-like trance watching the show) expected to vote for her in record numbers.

”I feel like I don’t fit in any more,” the shop assistant said. ”I feel like I want to hear my name tomorrow. I feel I have to exaggerate me, exaggerate Tania, for anyone to pay attention. And I hate that. That makes me sick.”

What could she mean? Could this be the reason why she plucks her eyebrows 176 times a day and spends 90% of her waking hours applying make-up?

She’s even managed to bore herself, pleading with a camera in the girls’ bedroom to leave her alone. ”Don’t look at me cos I’m boring, okay,” she snapped. Don’t worry, love – most of us stopped looking about five weeks ago.

Gae must be counting his lucky stars as he flies back to South Africa…

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