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by | 27th, June 2003

‘A NORWEGIAN condom manufacturer has sparked a row in the country after urging people to have sex in public places, such as the royal palace and parliament.

RFSU has launched a campaign, called Discover Oslo’s Pearls, which displays prominent tourist sites with large white arrows to point out possible spots for sex.

Manager Tone-Berit Lintho says: ”Sex is something fine and maybe at its best outdoors. The campaign flirts humorously with this theme, while reminding about condom use. I think both the palace and politicians will have a twinkle in their eye and see the humour in the campaign. We know that young people have sex and they don’t appreciate moralising admonitions.”

However, police insist that having sex in a public place is illegal in Norway and people who are caught in the act risk stiff penalties, including fines and even a year in prison.’

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