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Adopt A Wasp

by | 30th, June 2003

‘THERE are organisations dedicated to the protection of most things – in fact, there is probably an organisation dedicated to the protection of organisations that protect things.

‘What with Prezza and Tony, there are too many bloodsuckers here already. I’m off…’

It is little wonder that the number of insects is on the decline when the little critters have to struggle on with no-one in their corner.

However, the Independent reports today that the RSPB has stepped into the gap and is organising a ‘citizen science’ programme to investigate this apparent decline.

Motorists will be encouraged to put a postcard piece of film on the front of their car – a so-called splatometer – to measure the number of airborne bugs that splat against it during a journey.

The RSPB believes that a decline in insect numbers may be responsible for a decline in many species of birds.

‘Bumblebees, mayflies, butterflies, moths, beetles and many other insect species appear to be tumbling in numbers and vanishing from many places,’ explains the Indy.

‘It is a critical development because insects are the most numerous of all organisms and underpin all ecosystems, providing food for countless other species and playing a crucial role in plant pollination.’

So, go on – join the Anorak campaign and adopt a wasp today. ‘

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