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by | 30th, June 2003

‘YOU can tell a lot about a man by the kind of vehicle he drives. Prince Charles is frugal (see Aston Martin) and John Prescott is a railways enthusiast (see Jaguars).

‘Look out! Maniac!!!’

So what about Stephen Hawking?

The Sun sees the ‘genius’ professor, whose work A Brief History of Time has sat unopened on coffee tables throughout the land, sat in his wheelchair.

Sadly, Jim Carrey the rubber-faced comedian of the Hale And Pace School Of Laughs did not notice the Prof and managed to get his foot run over.

The two are said by the paper to be good friends, a situation which led to Carrey popping into the Prof’s Cambridge home when he was in the country.

They posed for pictures, and then Hawking ran over the actor’s foot.

And he makes a habit of it. ‘We’ve all had our feet run over by the professor,’ says Hawking’s secretary, Karen Sime. ‘You quickly learn to jump out of the way!’

Although, given Hawking’s knowledge of time and space, he’s one step ahead of you. Makes you wonder whether it’s as accidental as it seems?

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