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Fresh Blood

by | 30th, June 2003

‘GIVEN the absurd comings and goings in the Big Brother house, you half expect Federico to emerge from the shower to tell Nush and Steph that it has all been a terrible dream.

Man about the house

The level of desperation that drove the show’s producer to export Cameron and then, sadly, bring him back again, has now created a new housemate from thin air.

Step forward, Welsh lass, Lisa.

Thinking how Lisa must have known for some time that she would one-day enter the house, you’d expect her to have been an avid viewer. Think again.

”You have no idea how bizarre this feels,” said Lisa to her new mates after few glasses of plonk. ”I have been sort of watching.”

”Sort of watching”! Like ”sort of” being interested. Like ”sort of” but not really. This is tragic stuff.

It’s high time someone sorted this lot out. Bring in the squatters…

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