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Bobby Dazzler

by | 30th, June 2003

‘ONE imagines the competition around the world for the first interview with Jade Goody after the birth of her son Bobby was intense.

”Me a pig? Pull the udder one”

Goody, after all, is a huge star in the Far East, where her wit and wisdom are admired by teenagers and parents alike; she’s a massive hit across Europe; and is even bigger in Africa than Nelson Mandela and Cameron Stout combined.

But OK! fought off rival bids to secure the world exclusive rights to an interview with the former Big Brother contestant and boyfriend Jeff Brazier and photos of them with ”adorable” baby, Bobby Jack Brazier.

We learn that Jade and Jeff didn’t know what sex Bobby was before he came out.

”We didn’t even look to see what sex he was,” Jade admits. ”We were just like ‘It’s a baby!”’

What exactly they were expecting we dread to think, but it wasn’t a piglet.

Both admit to being hurt by a tabloid picture of a pig, purporting to be a spitting image of the baby, as they were by comments about the baby’s initials, BJ.

”Kate Lawler said something on RI:SE,” says Jeff (although that is the televisual equivalent of the proverbial tree falling in a forest when no-one is around to hear it).

”When someone attacks your baby you become the most protective person in the world. I suppose when she has a baby, she will understand.”

Indeed – and we’re sure that OK! will once again win the battle to secure the worldwide exclusive pictures of the little tacker.

But back to Jade and we learn that Bobby is not only the name of her son, but is also her dream.

”I’d love to be on The Bill just to wear a uniform,” she says (when asked to describe her ideal job).

In other words, Jade’s greatest ambition in life is to become a pig. We wish her every success…

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