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by | 1st, July 2003

‘ONE other woman who is undergoing her own ‘trials’ is Tracy Shaw.

Tracy in the shower scene from Macbeth

The ‘trials of Tracy’ are known to many, but out of sheer professionalism and not spite, the Express dedicates an entire double page to the woman who has fashioned an acting career out of her ability to take her clothes off.

The reason for this feature on Britain’s favourite quick-change artiste is that Tracy has just pulled out of a theatre production.

Beneath a picture of Tracy with her top about to fall off, the Mirror says that ‘troubled’ Tracy has quit an open-air Shakespeare production due to ill health.

This mystery illness is manifest in her short-term memory loss. One insider on the show says she turned up late for rehearsals in a ‘bit of a mess’.

‘The actors were getting very impatient because she just could not remember her lines,’ says the source. ‘She clearly has some serious problems.’

And one of the those ‘problems’ is alluded to by the show’s producer, who says he is unsure whether ‘she is or isn’t drinking’.

But best hear from the woman herself. Tracy says she’s ‘extremely disappointed’ to have let down the theatre company, and that ‘exhaustion would leave me unable to give the performance that I…and the audience would expect of me.’

A stand-in will now play Tracy’s role, and has been dropping her clothes in readiness for the break of lifetime.

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