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by | 2nd, July 2003

‘THE trouble with healthy food is that not everyone can afford it.

The McSea’n’Earth salad

Take Raymond Blanc, the chef at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, who yesterday was demonstrating his new creation in honour of national salad week.

The Guardian is probably right when it suggests that salads like M Blanc’s Sea And Earth are unlikely to achieve national popularity, being priced as it is at £635 per portion.

Of that £600 is the price of 50g of Almas golden caviar, a delicacy so sought after in Russia that it was reserved for the tsar. Anyone else caught with it would have their hand chopped off.

The salad, which combines two types of caviar, black truffles and creel-caught langoustines around a bed of potatoes and courgettes, filled with lettuce, will feature for a week at M Blanc’s restaurant, albeit at a reduced price and with a lesser caviar.

With a slight change of ingredients, it will then become the McSea’n’Earth salad and be available from selected McDonalds outlets for £1.59.’

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