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Ray Of Hope

by | 2nd, July 2003

‘NOMINATIONS. Nominations. Nominations. So good they named them thrice. The three no-marks up for eviction this week are Gos, Nush and Ray.

Another gripping Big Brother moment

It’s a tough job choosing which housemate to nominate. What with Steph and Scott’s invisibility, even spotting who is left in the house is a job rife with problems.

And now for the really odd bit – Ray is delighted to be up for eviction. ‘Davina will be calling out my name. My family and friends will be coming down on Friday. Excellent,’ he screamed.

Let us not forget that this is a competition. The best loved or most tolerable competitor is to be given £70,000 and the chance to dine out on the title for months.

So why is Ray, like Tania and Federico before him, so keen to leave? And listen to Gos. ‘I’ve got a big smile on my face,’ he said upon hearing his name read aloud.

The rats are keen to leave the sinking ship. But the treasure will not go down with the boat. Someone has to win the star prize.

And the big prize, despite the best protestations of Ray and Gos, is not the chance to be called unpopular and to make the walk of shame. It’s hard cash.

Or easy money, if you will…

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