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Speed Freak

by | 2nd, July 2003

‘GIVEN the average toff’s liking for drugs and booze, an article about the Earl Of March And Kinrara and his love of the ‘Festival of Speed’ causes an eyebrow to pop up.

Charlie’s hooked on speed

But it nothing so brazen, and the Earl is just a fan of the cars and other vehicles that hare around his track at Goodwood House and its 11,000-acre estate.

Fittingly enough, the Earl, known as Charles March hereon in, is seen seated in a car. But he’s soon out, wearing a suit and standing beneath a tree.

A swift walk into the wardrobe and the Earl is now seated on a gold-painted chair in the middle of large, bare room.

He gets about does our Earl. He’s a real speed freak. And like all speed freaks, he got plenty to say for himself.

He talks at length about his passion for cars, how he has helped restore the house to its former glory and how it is a heavy burden to be custodian to your ancestors’ heritage.

And before you know it he’s gone. Speed does that to a person…

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