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Children In Crisis

by | 2nd, July 2003

‘OH happy day! How we’ve waited and waited and now after too long a gap Tania Bryer is back to tell us about her fantastic life.

The epitome of good grooming

This week’s event tops the lot, as the woman whose bray makes a horse blush shared a few words with Sarah Ferguson at the launch of Sarah’s latest book, Moments.

The book of photographs taken by the Duchess was to be the fulcrum of the chatter, but the show was shamelessly stolen by Tania, who indulged in a severe case of handbags with the hostess.

Sarah’s bag has a picture of her daughters emblazoned on the front, in the manner of one of those ‘WANTED: Dead Or Alive’ T-shirts you get at fun fairs.

Tania’s bag has a picture of her daughter.

And the really uncanny thing is that Sarah’s book is being sold in aid of a charity called – get this – Children in Crisis.

Might as well pop the cash in Tania’s bag and be done with it…

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