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by | 3rd, July 2003

‘FORMER Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan is one of Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz’s closest friends.

‘Hi, Paul!’

Paul who, you ask. And do did Cameron when the 25-year-old tried to get a word with her at the premiere of her latest film.

The Mirror says Danan claims to know the actress through mutual friends he met last year in his bid to crack Hollywood.

‘But it was obvious that the blonde beauty had no recollection of their amazing friendship,’ says the paper, ‘as she ignored him throughout the event.

Worse, a security guard was assigned to keep an eye on Danan, whom Hollyoaks fans might recall once hammed it up as Sol Patrick in the teen soap.

‘He briefly grabbed hold of her arm in the lobby when she arrived and was so overwhelmed he appeared to be almost in tears,’ a film source said.

‘We are paid to look after Hollywood stars and can’t afford to let strangers get near them. If Cameron had recognised him, she would have said ‘hello’, wouldn’t she?’

Or perhaps Cameron is now so big for her boots that she doesn’t care to remember her old mates…’

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