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Eviction Conviction

by | 3rd, July 2003

‘THE housemates may have been told off for giving trivial reasons for their nominations, but it’s clear that feelings run a bit deeper than how much tomato sauce each person squeezes on their dinner.

Lisa and friends

Gos, Nush and Steph all chose exactly the same combination of housemates for eviction as last week – and Cameron and Scott probably both would have done had last week’s pick Tania not already got the boot.

With Cameron and Lisa immune from eviction this week, Scott has emerged as the big winner – for the first time this week, he didn’t attract a single vote. And that is bad news for Steph, who is Scott’s bete noire. He has nominated her in four of the last five weeks.

As for Lisa, she is proving as popular with the fellow housemates as a bacon sandwich at a bar mitzvah – especially after blaming them for getting her into trouble with Big Brother.

‘I could have kicked her backside and told her to shut up,’ said Cameron, who instead contented himself with bitching about her to the others.

Bet on Lisa getting the bullet next week at the first time of asking.

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