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Thank You And Goodnight

by | 4th, July 2003

‘JULY 4th! Hurray for Independence Day. Today we will be rid of one of Gos, Nush or Ray.

Lisa’s impression of a wet lettuce was frighteningly accurate

We will, however, be left with the rest. Although Lisa thinks she could stand in for all of them.

‘You’ve all got your own really sweet little traits,’ said Lisa. ‘I can mimic all of you and I think it’s hysterical.’

Given that the group have few visible signs of life, Lisa must have a sharp eye for an impression.

But Lisa, as we say, is a self-proclaimed great mimic, and she wanted to prove it.

So she did an impression of each one of her housemates, an imitation that went as far as their accents and no further.

Were these bad impressions? Or were Lisa’s takes gems of wry comedy in which the Welsh lass Lisa distilled the only essential difference between each housemate into a stereotypical accent.

We are not sure. But there’s lovely, Lisa. Diolch Yn Fawr and Bore Da.

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