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by | 7th, July 2003

‘WITH the fox one step closer to being spared the chase, animal protectors are wrapping their shields around the humble goldfish.

‘My memory’s playing tricks on me again’

The Guardian says that the RSPCA is supporting a ban on funfair stallholders who give goldfish as prizes.

The organisation say that the lone fish in the plastic bag is an abuse of animal rights.

Anyone lucky enough to get a hoop around the frog on the lily pad, score over 21 with three darts or get the ball up the clown’s leg should be content with a ‘gonk’ or an outsized cuddly toy.

What exactly a gonk is, we would like to know. But the message is that giving pets as prizes is wrong.

It’s a viewpoint backed up by evidence, such as the case of the bagged goldfish that became attached to helium balloons and ended up snagged in a tree.

This must stop. It is not clever and it is, clearly, not funny.

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